best time to list your home for sale in Orlando

Did you know that listing your home in early May could earn you $1,600 more?

That's the god word, according to a new Zillow study that concludes sellers looking to maximize profits should list their homes for sale in the first two weeks of May. The Zillow analysis finds that those homes not only sell for a $1,600 premium, but also six days faster.

The May sales window is the best opportunity in 19 of the 35 largest metros, but here in Orlando, your best window for sales is June 1-15, with the ideal listing day of the week on Friday.

The biggest premium for timing a listing is in Minneapolis, where homes listed in the first half of May sold for a 1.8% premium. That translates to an extra $4,900 on the sale. Sellers in Austin and Miami, on the other hand, saw the smallest sales premiums. In those markets, listing during the “magic window” gained sellers a 0.5% premium — about $1,400.